Giải Pháp An Ninh

Giải pháp GKB Video Alarm System cung cấp một giải pháp giám sát an ninh qua mạng kết hợp với hệ thống báo động.

Giải Pháp An Ninh

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The GKB Video Alarm System provides an innovative network-based video surveillance solution for the prevention of false alarms.

GKB Video Alarm System assists security service providers such as police departments, fire departments, and security companies, reducing the cost of false alarms and misreporting. With the GKB Video Alarm System solution, once an alarm is triggered the security provider can gain immediate information of the alarm site via live video and audio, lowering the likelihood of false alarms and ensuring appropriate action is taken.

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The GKB Video Alarm System is an ideal solution for locations at high-risk of robbery or in need of 24/7 protection. Locations that are well-suited to the GKB Video Alarm System include: banks, jewelry stores, 24hr chain stores, shopping malls, residential areas, and more.

GKB Video Alarm System Advantages:

  • Display Real-Time Video and Audio
  • Customized Voice Alert for Location Recognition
  • Compatible with Existing Alarm Sensors and Analog Cameras

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