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  • vSTAC R2S P Cubed Appliance - COMING SOON!

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High Performance Horizon Suite Platform

Users can run over 100 virtual desktops on a P Cubed starter appliance. Scale VDI compute, storage and network resources linearly by adding vSTAC VDI appliances which host 115-155 desktops each. Storage performance is automatically load-balanced across appliances to ensure that virtual desktops receive the optimal resources.

High Availability

Enterprise–class deployments, like Horizon Suite, demand data center caliber availability and performance. Simple to deploy and use, vSTAC R2S appliances meet these essential demands. Critical hardware and software resources are fully protected, shared and redundant.

Speed Horizon Suite Pilots

Unlike all other VDI hybrid storage or converged infrastructure appliances, the vSTAC R2S appliances are uniquely purpose built to cost-effectively handle the IOP needs for VMware Horizon View along with the storage capacity needs of VMware Horizon Mirage and VMware Horizon Workspace all within the same appliance. Leveraging VMware’s View Storage Accelerator allows users to benefit from in-memory caching performance without having to pay for unnecessary and
expensive read-side media.


Simple plug-and-play appliances consolidate server and storage resources into a single hardware platform to reduce power, cooling, rackspace and cost as compared to systems with separate physical servers and physical storage. Plan for the future simply with the same cost basis for 100 or 10,000 virtual desktops. There is no discontinuity in architecture from pilot to production and there is a predictable ROI.

Overcome Storage as a Horizon Suite Barrier

Horizon Suite has a set of demanding blended IOPs and storage requirements that can be daunting to administrators familiar only with desktops and servers. Pivot3 bypasses the steep storage learning curve and the heart stopping investment required by over-provisioned SAN or NAS systems. vSTACs provide continuity from pilot to production, which results in predictable ROI.

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