JetNet 5728G-24P JetNet 5728G-24P Gigabit IEEE802.3at High Power PoE Switch  S000105 KORENIX 1 VND Số lượng: 10 cái

  • JetNet 5728G-24P

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    Gigabit IEEE802.3at High Power PoE Switch 

Industrial Rackmount 24+4G Managed High Power IEEE802.3at PoE Switch w/ 24-port PoE

- 24 10/100 BaseTX and 4 Gigabit uplink ports

- 24 ports support both 15.4W IEEE 802.3af and the latest 30W high power IEEE 802.3at, including 2-event and LLDP classification

- Total power budget is 540W in DC power mode and 240W in AC power mode by IEEE 802.3at with maximum 30W per port

- Flexible-bandwidth and long-distance data transmission by SFP transceivers

- LPLD for reliable PoE connection through Active Powered Device status detection and auto reset function

- 12.8G Non-Blocking backplane, 16K MAC table for wire speed bidirectional switching

- IEEE 1588 PTP compliance for precise time synchronization

- Korenix patented MSR for aggregating up to 12 x 100Mb rings plus 2 Gigabit rings

- Supports up to 9,216 bytes Jumbo Frame for secured large file transmission

- IEEE 802.1AB LLDP and optional JetView Pro i2NMS software for auto-topology and large network group management

- Optimized IGMP Query v1/v2 and IGMP Snooping v1/v2/v3 for advanced multicast filtering

- Up to 256 VLAN traffic isolation

- Advanced network management features support SNMP, RMON

- Supports DHCP client/server and DHCP Option 82 for automatic IP configuration

- Dual redundant low voltage range: 48VDC(46~57VDC) and High Voltage range: 90~264VAC or 127~370VDC

- IP31 rugged aluminum case with great heat dispersion

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