Exacq - hybird Server Exacq - hybird Server NEW! Highly configurable 4U rackmount chassis  S000095 EXACQ VISION 1 VND Số lượng: 10 cái

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    NEW! Highly configurable 4U rackmount chassis 

- 16, 32, 48 or 64 analog inputs plus 8 IP camera licenses included.

- Each server is expandable to up to 64 IP cameras.

- Seamless management of analog and IP cameras from client interface.

- Simple and cost-effective to add additional IP camera licenses.

- Supports latest IP camera technology including multi-megapixel cameras and H.264 compression.

- Supports IP cameras and encoders from multiple manufacturers.

- Digital PTZ functionality on all cameras (analog and IP) in live and recorded mode.

- Analog PTZ protocols supported: Pelco D/P, GE-Impac, GE-ASCII, AD-RS422, Bosch, Panasonic

- Intuitive user interface requires little to no training.

- Common client connects to multiple exacqVision servers to create scalable networks.

- Easy-to-use, powerful video and audio export features.

- Multi-monitor client display. Drag and drop cameras between monitors.

- MPEG4, Motion JPEG and H.264 video compression.

- Graphical search display for all cameras and recorded audio.

- Easy to use multi-camera playback and export

- Definable user permissions and privileges.

- Access video with most web browsers and mobile devices with internet access.

- Wide-screen client views.

- SmartSearch

- RAID 5 Storage (optional)

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