Hội thảo S2 Security tại TP.HCM

Thứ năm - 03/12/2015 17:17
Cuối tháng 08-2013, ông Thomas Hwang đại diện của hãng S2 Security đã tổ chức buổi đào tạo kiến thức về sản phẩm, giải pháp cho nhân viên Công ty Cổ Phần Citek tại Việt Nam
Hội thảo S2 Security tại TP.HCM
At the end of August 2013, Citek Corporation’s employees were trained to cultivate specialist knowledge about security products and solutions by Mr Thomas Hwang who is an authorized representative of S2 Security Provider. In the time he was here, he also visited City International Hospital which has invested in S2 Security System. He had conversations and guided their technicians, engineers and building manager to configure and run the system.
On 27th of Aug, Mr Thomas Hwang and Citek Corporation coordinated closely to set up a workshop that brought out many types of security products and physical controlling solutions based on S2 Security’s IP address such as: Access ControlCCTVPA,…

Besides presenting S2 products and solutions, Mr Thomas Hwang was able to demonstrate some products such as cameras or clarify any concerns from the participants. As a result, the workshop attracted many potential customers and  introduced their goods to Vietnam market.

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